Monday, 14 February 2011

Troisie'me Lecon

It is still 14th february. I have some extra time and decide to do an extra lesson for today.
Lesson three - Troisie'me Lecon - I am not using the accents as I find it difficult typing them. I will correct them later, if I have time.

Something, anything Quelque chose
Have you anything avez-vous quelque chose?
I have something J'ai quelque chose.
Nothing, not anything. Ne (before), rien(after the verb.)
I have not anything Je n'ai rien.
The wine Le vin
My money or silver Mon argent
The gold L'or

Le, the, becomes l' before a vowel or silent h.
The string - Le cordon
The ribbon - Le ruban
The golden ribbon Le ruban d'or.
The button Le bouton
The coffee Le cafe'.
The cheese Le fromage
The coat l'habit
My coat Mon habit
The silver candlestick Le chandelier d'argent.
Are you hungry? Avez-vous faim?
I am hungry J'ai faim
I am not hungry Je n'ai pas faim.
Are you thirsty? Avez-vous soif?
I am thirsty J'ai soif
I am not thirsty Je n'ai pas soif.

Anything or something good Quelque chose de bon.
Have you anything good? Avez-vous quelque cose de bon?
Nothing or not anything good. Ne.. rien de mauvais.
I have not anything (nothing) good. Je n'ai rien de bon.

what? is quel? before a noun but que? before a verb.
what? what have you? que? Qu'avez-vous?
Quelque chose and ne... rien require de when they are before an adjective and so does what?
what have you good? Qu'avez-vous de bon?
I have the good coffee J'ai le bon cafe.
have you anything pretty? avez-vou quelque chose de joli?
I have nothing pretty. Je n'ai rien chose de joli.
Are you sleepy? Avez-vous sommeil?
I am sleepy J'ai sommeil.
I am not sleepy Je n'ai pas sommeil.

I will do the exercise for this lesson tomorrow. I am feeling sleepy.
J'ai sommeil.

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